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General Practice Lawyer in Glen Burnie, MD

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General Practice

The Law Office of Andrew B. Greenspan, LCC, is offering diverse legal services on the general practice of law. He is licensed to practice law in all aspects and has been representing clients in litigations. If you want a committed, efficient, and accomplished lawyer to handle your dispute or case in Maryland, Andrew Greenspan is the attorney for you.

General practice law is broad which means a lawyer who practices it encompasses almost all fields in law. Andrew Greenspan is a general practice lawyer because he is diverse and does not limit his practice into one to two fields. Because of his knowledge and experience for over 30 years in practicing law, he has assisted many clients in different specializations in law.


When you are looking for a lawyer you must consider the following things: 

  • Several experiences: A lawyer who has been in the practice of law for many years means he or she has handled multiple cases or litigations and is experienced enough to handle yours.
  • Specialization or practice areas: Check the cases the lawyer has handled in different areas, this will tell you the specialization.
  • Communication: How does the lawyer talk to the clients? A good lawyer is a good communicator, having an attorney with good communication skills gives you an edge in negotiation and litigation.

Is there an attorney who has the good qualities mentioned above? Yes, and his law firm is in Maryland. Andrew Greenspan is an experienced and accomplished lawyer who can give you the legal advice you need and represent you in negotiations and litigations. He has experience because he has been practicing law for more than three decades. He also does not limit his specialization into one or two, having more than 30 years of experience has made him handle cases in different practice areas. That is why he is a general practice lawyer. He is dedicated to his clients and is also a good communicator. Call him today and you will know it for yourself. Whatever your situation is, Andrew Greenspan can assist you in legal aspects.


The law firm of Andrew Greenspan is also competent and values professionalism. His clients choose him because: 

  • He works efficiently and dedicatedly to protect his client’s rights and best interests
  • He communicates well to his clients and will keep you updated with everything going.
  • He is always well prepared and arrives at meetings on time.
  • He represents his clients in the best ways and has an alternative for problems or disputes that may arise on the course of a case.
  • He follows the laws and ethical canons


His approach to clients and cases are different and depends on the circumstances. Cases are unique and have different situations that is why he chooses an approach that is fit for the case. Your attorney must reside in your state to be able to come to you immediately if any problems arise. Moreover, the meetings will be easier.

If you want top-quality legal services, call Andrew Greenspan today.

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