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Motorcycle Accidents

Being a motorcyclist is challenging because you are very vulnerable on the road. Motorcycles are also more prone to accidents than other vehicles. If you got involved in an accident, you should work with an accomplished lawyer who is an expert in motorcycle accident law in Maryland. Andrew Greenspan is a lawyer who has a firm in Maryland and he has been practicing law for more than 30 years. With his experience, he is more than capable to handle your motorcycle accident case. If you got involved in a motorcycle accident you must know the legal options available for you. In the state of Maryland, motorcycle accidents are based on a fault system.It simply means that the person at fault is the one who will bear the damages. The person who is at fault is the one who will be liable for the costs of almost everything. If you are the victim, you must be able to prove that the other driver is at fault. The grounds for such is that he or she may be driving too swiftly, drunk, or in the influence of drugs, not paying attention while driving, drove past a red light, or changed lanes in an unsafe way. Other situations may not be mentioned above because there are different cases, you must tell your attorney what happened to make sure you can get your proper claims.   There are different types of motorcycle accidents, mostly they are:
  1.  Head-on collision: This happens when two vehicles are face to face and they collide. There may be serious injuries because of this.
  2.  Doored: If a driver of a car opens a door without looking, a motorcyclist might get “doored.” Because of that, the motorcyclist will crash on to the vehicle door and have injuries.
  3.  Over speeding: Most of the time, accidents happen because of over speeding, it may be the other vehicle or the motorcycle.
  4.  Left-hand turns: There are times that a vehicle makes a turn without looking at the side mirrors and because of that some motorcycles get into accidents. Sometimes, the motorcycle also is not noticeable or visible and a turn causes an accident.
  5.  Hitting objects or road hazards: Sometimes, a driver does not notice hazards on the road and it causes an accident. When this   happens, it is the state or the property owner who is at fault for the hazards.
  Other motorcycle accidents might not be mention above, nevertheless, you must call a lawyer to build your case and get your claims for damages. For damages, it is the liable driver who will pay for it. Usually, it is the medical bills, the lost income, and other economic loss of the injured. Damages may also include the mental pain and physical pain of the injured. Whether you are the one liable for the accident or the injured, you should hire an attorney who will negotiate and handle your case for you. Andrew Greenspan is an attorney based in Maryland and he is well familiar with the laws about accidents and injuries. For more than three decades, he has helped a lot of clients who got involved in accidents. Call us today. We are ready to assist you.

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