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When to Hire an Auto Injury Lawyer

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There is no spelled out deadline or guideline as to when to hire an auto injury lawyer. But if you have been involved in an auto accident, it is important to hire the services of an auto injury lawyer so you can be protected. 

In cases of auto accidents, insurance companies usually have legal practitioners that begin to look into your injury claim sometimes before you even file it.  Auto accidents happen in varying degrees and so does the injury sustained. A little fender-bender is different from a car collision or a rollover accident. 

If damages are minor, you can always face insurance companies and negotiate yourself. But if your accident has any of the following elements, you should hire an auto injury lawyer.

  • If you were severely injured in the accident: Injuries involving surgeries and an extended hospital stay are very serious. In this sort of case, you should hire an auto injury lawyer because your judgment may be clouded by the emotional trauma. And insurance companies might capitalize on this to offer you a ridiculous compensation. Hire a lawyer to focus on recovering compensation, while you focus on recovering from your injuries.
  • If you have suffered permanently disabling injuries: If the injuries you sustained in an auto accident has left you with permanent disabilities, you should hire an auto accident lawyer. This is because only an experienced lawyer can estimate how much your injuries are worth. Trying to figure out how much compensation you deserve can be tedious on your own, which is why you need professional advice. A lawyer helps you to get the most out of your injury claim.
  • If the accident was caused by the carelessness of others: The law seeks to protect you from individuals who act with disregard for human life. If you believe your accident was caused by negligence, you should hire an auto accident lawyer. A lawyer can help you prove your claim with insurmountable evidence. With a lawyer handling your case, you can be assured that you would get the justice you deserve.  
  • If liability is not clear: Many times more than one party is at fault for your accident. This sort of case is not straightforward because findings have to be made to discover what percentage of fault is allocated to which party. This determines to a large extent, how much you will be awarded in compensation. If you are also found to be at fault, your percentage of fault will be deducted from your compensation. 
  • If insurance companies operate on bad faith: Sometimes insurance companies offer inadequate payment settlements and in some cases, they do not even make an offer. You need to hire a skilled auto accident lawyer that has experience in dealing with insurance company bad faith. This way, you can recover compensation. 

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